Fiddle Player

Liz has recently performed at the National Folk Festival as part of Fintan Vallely's production, 'Companach - the History of Irish Music.' 

Recent collaborations have been with Candian fiddler/trumpet player, Daniel Lapp, at Celtic Colours International Festival (2016), with Ulster University students (as The Doc Flock); she has also performed alongside Liz Carroll, Mairead Ní Mhaonaigh, Catriona MacDonald, Annbjorg Lien, Liz Knowles and Emma Hardelin in the String Sisters since 2010.

In 2014 she featured in performances of Mícheál Ó Suilleabháin’s piece, Francesco Walks, at the National Concert Hall Dublin and in Limerick. In October 2015 Liz is the artist-in-residence at the Celtic Colours Festival in Cape Breton Canada, along with Lucy MacNeil of the Barra MacNeils.

A founder member of bands Nomos and Fiddlesticks, Liz has also performed and recorded for a number of years with the Bumblebees. She has guested with bands such as Blazin’ Fiddles and performed with ‘Riverdance – The Show’ for a brief period. Her touring schedule has taken her far and wide and her recording portfolio includes two solo and numerous band recordings:

Quare Imagination (Busy Lizzy Records, 2002)  FOR SALE
Racket in the Rectory – Liz Doherty and Fiddlesticks (Foot Stompin’ Records, 2000) FOR SALE
Last Orders (Foot Stompin’ Records, 1999) FOR SALE
Buzzin’ - Bumblebees (Beehave Records, 1999)

Liz is also featured on:

Chris Corrigan – The Shadowed Gate (2006)
Coisir – On the Right Track (2004)
Celtic Colours International Festival (2001)
Music from McCarthy’s Pub, Baltimore (2000)
Brudair (2000)
Music from the Ceilidh Trail School, Inverness, Cape Breton (2000)
Heat the Hoose 2 (Foot Stompin’ Records, 2000)
Revolver - Basico 11 (Warner Music, 1997)
Heat the Hoose (Tartan Tapes, 1996)
I Won’t Be Afraid Anymore, Nomos (Solid Records, 1994)
Fiddlesticks - Traditional Music from County Donegal (Nimbus Records, 1991)
Live from the Cather Cornell Theater: Traditional Irish Music


"Crisper than a ten Euro note, more bounce than a basketball on the moon, and racier than the nudist olympics: even with all the recent Irish fiddle releases, this recording is outstanding."   
The Living Tradition -

"Could there be a more apposite name for one's own record label?  Anyone with knowledge of the work of the Buncrana-born fiddler must nod their head in agreement.  For those not in the know, Liz made her debut on the recording of the 1991 Donegal-focused Fiddlesticks Festival, duetting with Paula Doohan...."
Quare Imagination review

"Remember how you felt when you first heard Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh draw her bow across the strings? That sense of a talent that was practically ... explosive?..Well, prepare to feel that way again. From the opening bars of the first tune on this superbly-presented CD (produced by banjo-meister Gerry O'Connor), it's obvious that we're in the hands of a major-league fiddler. Not just a technician (although Doherty has more technique than you could imagine - whether your imagination's quare or nnot!), but a unique interpreter and communicator.".....
Pay the Reckoning June 2002

"There is something deeply peculiar about this radio-symphony big band of 16 traditional fiddlers all sawing away in unison with a few high-flying harmonies, kept between the ditches by a bouncing ceili piano. Liz Doherty is the resident genius here, and you can hear the Donegal accent, touched with honking Shetland, Scotsy and Cape Breton rhythms."....
The Irish Times